PVS supports Paladim in boosting recycling at the Horse Fair

Ponto Verde Serviços supported Casa Mendes Gonçalves in partnership with the Golegã Municipality and Resitejo (RSTJ) in carrying out a series of initiatives to promote a more sustainable XLVI National Horse Fair.

As the official sponsor of the event since 2016, Casa Mendes Gonçalves joined forces with Ponto Verde Serviços, which, during the event period, including setup and dismantling phases, raised awareness among street food venders for waste separation. The waste streams were subsequently collected by municipal services and then transferred to RSTJ, which also provided additional 120-liter containers for plastic/ metal and glass streams, distributed among the street food venders.

The aim of this initiative was to raise awareness about proper waste separation and gather concrete data on recycling behaviors so that, starting from 2024, it will be possible to develop a real circularity strategy towards a more sustainable long-term event.

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