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What is 3R6®?

Reduzir, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle in six steps towards excellence in environmental performance.

3R6® is a program that supports organizations optimizing their waste management practices and maximizing resource use efficiency, through a continuous improvement process based on specific and measurable indicators.

During 3R6® program, the waste management practices are analyzed, different waste streams are characterized, and optimization solutions are presented, taking into consideration the waste management hierarchy of 3 R’s: Reduce consumption and waste generation, Reuse usable materials, and Recycle unavoidable waste. To drive behavioral change, the program includes 360-degree training of the team and proper signage placement.

As important as adopting best practices is the return obtained in terms of your organization’s public image, particularly through positive perception by stakeholders and consumers regarding the company commitment to environmental sustainability. The 3R6 status serves as a public reference for environmental trust.


Who is it for?

3R6® is applicable to all organizations that aim to optimize their waste management practices and includes:

  • Offices;
  • Hotels;
  • Buildings and shopping centers;
  • Events (such as concerts, exhibitions), among others.

How does it work?

3R6®, as the name implies, is based on the application of a methodology that relies on the three main R’s of the waste management hierarchy through a six-step intervention plan.

1. Audit
Assessment of the existing waste management practices
and performance.
2. Measuring
Assessment of physical composition of waste streams.
3. Consultancy
Strategies and improvement measures for effective waste management.
4. Training
Awareness action aimed at employees and other (e.g. cleaning services).
5. Ativation
Informative signposting placed in key areas.
6. Visibility
Internal and external disclosure of 3R6 recognition.



Shared advantages are multiplied advantages
The adoption of good environmental practices that lead to waste reduction or elimination and optimized resource usage is always advantageous, resulting in cost savings for organizations, including waste management costs in some cases.

Advantages for businesses
– Promotes the waste management hierarchy and waste management best practices;
– Environmental indicators for tracking environmental progress;
– KPI for ESG reporting;
– Training and education of teams;
– Confers 3R6 status & reinforces the organization’s environmental commitment.

Advantages for employees
– Mobilization of Behaviors towards Recycling and Waste Valorization – Generates greater awareness and involvement among employees, as well as the adoption of social habits such as waste separation and other environmental practices;
– Opportunity to directly interact in favor of the environment, knowing that the brand’s commitment depends on their performance;
– Effective contribution to the preservation of the planet, day after day.