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Carbono Zero

What is Carbono Zero?

Carbono Zero® is a service provided by PVS aiming at assessing GHG emissions resulting from business activities, events or vehicle fleet and voluntary offsetting the equivalent CO2 emissions by supporting projects targeted at removing or reducing greenhouse gas from the atmosphere.

For assessing GHG emissions, Carbono Zero follows the GHG Protocol methodology, the world’s most widely used greenhouse gas accounting standards.

Carbon Zero is a pioneering brand widely recognized in the voluntary carbon market in Portugal.


Who is it for?

All companies and organizations that want to assess their GHG emissions and voluntarily offset them, including:

  • Business activities;
  • Hotels;
  • Events (such as concerts, exhibitions);
  • Fleets;
  • Publications.

How it works?

The Carbon Zero service identifies and accounts greenhouse gas emissions expressed in carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) associated with the analyzed activities. It also includes offsetting of unavoidable emissions through financial supporting carbon sequestration projects.

The accounting of CO2e emissions follows Carbon Zero’s proprietary methodologies based on the most rigorous international standards (such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol), which establish direct and indirect scopes of activity.

Regarding emission offsetting, Carbon Zero has prioritized supporting forest projects in Portugal. Forests capture carbon dioxide (the main GHG among the six identified in the GHG Protocol) through the process of photosynthesis, making them important carbon reservoirs. To ensure the sequestration of GHG emissions, Carbon Zero has its own methodology for calculating emissions offsetting, which has been applied for over 15 years in real forest contexts.



Act local to go global.

Carbono Zero® contributes to strengthening organizations environmental reputation, offering the following benefits:

– Strategically communicates and positions the organization in terms of climate commitment:
– Accounts for Greenhouse Gas Emissions, the first step towards developing a roadmap for mitigating those emissions;
– Calculates relevant environmental indicators;
– Neutralizes unavoidable emissions through offsetting in the Carbono Zero forest area;
– Contributes to the socio-economic and environmental resilience of rural areas in Portugal and a fire-protected country;
– Enhances the organization’s reputation, generating trust and promoting recognition among employees, clients, partners, and investors, while providing transparency about their sustainability practices.