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Full ESG

We believe that companies can be drivers of social and environmental impact.
We support organizations incorporating ESG principles and practices into their businesses, in a holistic and systematic way, with a focus on long term value creation, including:

  • Definition of sustainability strategies;
  • Identification and analysis of environmental impacts (positive and negative) throughout the value chain;
  • Selection of materiality and double materiality indicators;
  • Sustainable finance;
  • Monitoring, evaluation, and reporting of ESG indicators.

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance.

ESG framework is used to assess business practices through the lenses of sustentability and ethics. This non-financial framework is increasingly being used by investors in the process of evaluating growth opportunities and material risks of companies.

Full ESG refers to a stage of corporate sustainability evolution where companies emerge as drivers of social and environmental impact. Sustainability is integrated into the company’s strategy and is seen as a vehicle for new business opportunities guided by sustainability principles.