Authorized Representative (soon)

What is Authorized Representative?

Ponto Verde Serviços provides Authorized Representative services in Portugal for product producers, fillers/packers, and/or service packaging suppliers in accordance with the provisions of the Extended Producer Responsibility Legislation (Decree-Law 152-D/2017, in its current form).


Who is it for?

This service is aimed at:

– product producer, packer/filler, or service packaging supplier who are based in another EU member state, do not have a permanent presence in Portugal, or sell through local distributors but prefer to retain ownership of the EPR obligations;

– product producer, packer/filler, or service packaging supplier who sells directly to end users but do not have a stable presence in Portugal.


How it works?

Our authorised representative obligations services assist in ensuring that all products and packaging within the scope of Extended Producer Responsibility are correctly registered and reported. Among the services provided are:

1. Appointment and Onboarding;

2. Data Management and Declarations;

3. Financial Administration;

4. Acting on behalf of the producer in compliance schemes audits;

5. Other, as needed by the producers, packers/fillers, or service packaging suppliers.


By appointing Ponto Verde Serviços as your Authorized Representative, you will receive a comprehensive service for meeting your waste environmental legislation obligations in Portugal, as outlined in Decree-Law No. 152-D/2017, as amended.

The benefit of joining the Authorized Representative service is having a knowledgeable partner who can meet all the practical and legal obligations of the foreign product producer.